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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Will I Eat?

Yes. We all had the same feeling after finding out there was no food built into the price of our tuition and room costs for teacher training...

"WHAT THE DEUCE??!!!???"

Yep. On top of that nice price tag for tuition (which was even more expensive when converted to CAD), paying for a single room, buying insurance for the U.S., and paying for my flights... I now have to cover all of my food.

This wouldn't be too big a deal if all previous trainings (in recent years) had some kind of food component built into their cost. But with ours, we get none. Zero. So I spent the better part of my weekend thinking about how exactly I am going to be cost-efficient while still getting enough healthy food. I haven't come up with any hard and fast conclusions. But so far, I am thinking my diet will consist veggies. Raw veggies and the following...

I'm in the U.S. How can I not?


  1. This weekend I started thinking about everything TT related, including what I'm going to eat - This whole experience totally reminds me of living in a dorm. When I studied abroad in NZ, I had a hot water kettle, and I made the most glorious concoction of cous cous, hummus, avocado, olive oil, and whatever else I had sitting around - cucumbers, carrots, other veggies... The cous cous is SO easy to cook - my roommate and I went through stretches of time where we ate that every day. I'm definitely going to relive those cous cous days during TT!

    Cheez-Its though - of course! My equivalent -> I'm a blue corn chips and salsa addict.

    Oh, btw, I saw PSLs at Starbucks today - they're BACK. I thought of you instantly!

  2. LOL! I've already had TWO PSLs this week. I certainly won't be having any of them during training!

    Couscous recipe sounds amazing! We will have to put together some kind of BKTT cookbook/survival guide when we are done!

    Who is in?

  3. Couscous! What a fabulous idea. All you need is hot water. I hadn't thought of it, but now I'm going to consider it a BKTT staple.

    Never tried Cheez-Its, but I'll have to pick up a box when we go shopping.

    Definitely in for the cookbook/survival guide. Great idea!

  4. Oh Chrissy... CHeez-Its... Like a Cheez-Nip... But a MILLION times more tasty. I miss them so badly.

  5. I've definitely read that during TT to eat what you crave... So, if you need Cheez-Its... Do it and don't feel bad about it! And they are about a BILLION times better than Cheez-Nips!!!

  6. Another great, inexpensive food is quinoa. It has protein and like cous cous can be prepared in many ways. In my local grocery you can find it packaged in a number of different recipes, some spicy, some herbal and some sweet (dried cranberries). So excited to read about your adventures at TT!

  7. I am so freaking excited for you! Yumm, cheez its. I thought lunch was included??? Guess I was wrong.

  8. Nope. No food has been provided at the last two trainings before this one. It stopped in Palm Springs. A food coupon was provided in Vegas for those trainings.

  9. We didn't have food or a food coupon in 2007 training in Hawaii. About half had a kitchen.

    Any way, some of you need to bring a blender / hand blender, something to make smoothies.

    Eat, eat, eat when you are there. I know it costs, especially on conversion, but you gotta eat.