Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

A Yogini's Journey to Become a Bikram Yoga Teacher...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Tips.

I am fortunate to have paid well in advance of training beginning this Fall.

Many people who go to teacher training do not decide to go until about six weeks before it begins. And they don't issue you your copy of the dialogue until after you have been accepted and pay in full. So now that I have the dialogue, I am doing all I can to memorize as many of the great number of pages before I get on the plane to San Diego. And here are some of the ways I am doing it...
  • Write down the poses by hand. Or you could type them, I guess. Either way, it helps me with remembering which phrases come after the other.
  • Study in a group. Regular study sessions to help demo the poses and memorize the dialogue in groups helps. Some studios even start a study group for the students planning to attend training at some point in the future.
  • Record myself reciting the poses. This has been really helpful. I play them back on my commute to work each morning, while at the gym and even while I am falling asleep. (Learning through osmosis!)
Anyone else got any other memorization techniques???

Official Bikram Yoga Dialogue!

This arrived in the mail today...

It is my receipt and my official copy of the Bikram yoga dialogue!


This is all I can really show you of the dialogue...

Yep, it is trademarked. So I am not allowed to share it. But trust me, it's intense! It is 45 pages long!

Now off to memorize to begin memorizing!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It Is How You Know The Bikram Is Working.

"Great #Bikram class tonight. I got my mojo back!"

This was a Tweet from one of my buddies in the Bikram community. She been having a few rough classes lately. But tonight she bounced back and was in the zone.

"This is how you know the Bikram is working!" I Tweeted back.

While she was having a kick ass class tonight, I was having an awful class. Horrible acid reflux was present, which sent a burning sensation in my chest and throat during Standing Head to Knee pose. It started then, and remained for the rest of the class. And it really sucked.

If you've never had the "pleasure" of experiencing this feeling in your Bikram class, consider yourself "unlucky."

Yep, you read that right. "Unlucky."

For me, when I have small aches and pains in my Bikram practice, it is because (I have learned) that my body is healing itself in some way. When I eat badly (too much wheat and dairy), I get acid reflux. My body has a tough time digesting and recovering from these things (which I am not allergic to, but have an intolerance to when eaten too frequently).

The burning sensation to me is a sign that my body is trying to process and detox from the crap that I have put into it. And it shows itself in this way.

Over the past few years, I have noticed changes in the way my body works as a result of my Bikram practice. How it reacts to certain things. (Like gluten or alcohol.) How it affects my cycle. and ovulation. How it affects my dreams and sleep.

It is amazing. Everyone should do this. Everyone should be so lucky.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The first step in my wonderful journey to becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher... The application.

And it has now officially been accepted!

Yes, in a little less than THREE months I will be heading out to San Diego to spend nine weeks in "Bikram's Torture Chamber." YAY!

Long nights... Loud Bollywood films... Double classes... Forty-plus pages of dialogue to be memorized... Two months away from The Husband...

It will be insane. But it will fly by. And at the end, I will be able to help others do what I have begun to do: Heal my body and mind.

I can't wait. But come back to read about my journey. I will be posting as I prep for the training, as well as while I am there. Hopefully it will provide you some entertainment.