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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Tips.

I am fortunate to have paid well in advance of training beginning this Fall.

Many people who go to teacher training do not decide to go until about six weeks before it begins. And they don't issue you your copy of the dialogue until after you have been accepted and pay in full. So now that I have the dialogue, I am doing all I can to memorize as many of the great number of pages before I get on the plane to San Diego. And here are some of the ways I am doing it...
  • Write down the poses by hand. Or you could type them, I guess. Either way, it helps me with remembering which phrases come after the other.
  • Study in a group. Regular study sessions to help demo the poses and memorize the dialogue in groups helps. Some studios even start a study group for the students planning to attend training at some point in the future.
  • Record myself reciting the poses. This has been really helpful. I play them back on my commute to work each morning, while at the gym and even while I am falling asleep. (Learning through osmosis!)
Anyone else got any other memorization techniques???


  1. Damn, deja vu all over again!! You're all over it, as far as dialogue goes. Just try to keep thinking about WHY it is the way it is - then you REALLY can't forget it! I would always break down the poses just like I'd break down a poem for a lit class - look at where the different pieces are, what are the key words, what is being repeated and why, etc etc. That's what really makes it stick.

    Oh, and the laminated dialogues are sold at training, 20 bucks. Totally worth it. They are little and portable and good for studying at the pool. :)

  2. I am typing the dialogue over and over. It works faster for me. Everytime I get stuck, I start all over again.

    I also laminated and bind the dialogue, as suggested by a teacher friend. This was a good idea, since a couple of hours after I did this,
    my toddler threw it in the bathtub. Ohhhh no. With all pages laminated, I don't need to worry about a million things. Plus,I can use a dry erase marker and circle the keywords for each pose before I start.

    I found something hilarious in half moon pose. By focusing on the first letter of one of the paragraph, you can read "PUTA concentrate" hahaha. I am not going to forget this one.

    I am also recording myself and playing it back all day long.

    I need to find a study group. Good idea!!

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