Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Class With Boss.

He was "gentle." Yet, I found myself dying at various points. And the room wasn't even that hot.

I decided to plop my mat down at the front, since no one was volunteering to go there when I first got in the room. I decided it would be nice to be right in front of the mirrors. And, a senior teacher told me that was the coolest spot in the room.

(I am chicken shit sandwich.)

The humidity was thick when we walked into the room. You could see a slight misty presence to the air around us. And we all juiced up the classroom's new carpet pretty well. In Standing Separate Leg Stretching, Triangle and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee poses we were sliding on the carpet. Things were very slick. You have to work seriously hard to grip the carpet with your toes to keep from sliding.

It probably would also help if I didn't put lotion on my legs today after shaving them. The moisture from the cream made my legs extra slippery. And I have a feeling that is what made the bottoms of my feet super-duper slippery.

But Bikram was very kind today. And very funny. My favorite quote from today's class came when he started singing in the middle of the dialogue:

"Push bush! Push bush! Push the bush! Ants in my pants!"

Am I the only one who interpreted this as naughty?


  1. Yeah! You made it!! Enjoy the ride...

    Note about lotion: My roommate at training turned me on to Coconut Oil for moisturizer. It is porous and not waxy, so it literally goes right into your skin so you don't get all slippery. AND it's all natural! Try it - you'll like it! It is all I ever use now.

  2. Really?! No mats, no towels or anything?! Oh man... I hope the rug is nice and soft on your knees & body during the floor series! :)

  3. Oh we have mats and towels. But you don't turn on them to to triangle and the two separate leg standing poses. Your feet go off the mat, come in contact with the carpet, and start to slide. Even Bikram said yesterday that the carpet they have in the room is crap.

  4. HAHA He does that to make everyone laugh and relax.

    "Push push push push push in the bush, ass in the grass, boys with the toys.... [insert pause while he drinks his water] CHANGE"

  5. When in doubt, just assume that he's being dirty on purpose. The man lives to entertain. :)

    My favorite is when he messes up by accident. (Usually he does it on purpose.) "I forgot my dialogue... uh... JUST KILL YOURSELF!!!"

  6. YES, a video post. What a nice idea !! Yeahh, I didn't like the carpet at all. Also, not been able to see yourself in the mirror during standing head to knee pose or eagle, it's kind of hard.

    I hope we meet this week.