Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Settled.

I am here!

Well, I arrived Friday evening with Chrissy. We quickly dropped our luggage in our rooms and explored the grounds of the resort in a chilly darkness. It took us only a few minutes to find the lecture tent...

And the practice tent...

"Feet together at the line..."

Saturday morning, Chrissy and I joined Bettina for trips to Walmart, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I got a ton of stuff at Walmart, including a rice cooker for my room...

I also hit The Container Store at the huge mall next door to pick up a wooden drying rack for my room.

The trip to Whole Foods was for electrolytes. Trader Joe's was where I scored all of my delicious, cheap food...

Yep... Gonna be eating much healthier I have been. All things that my naturopathic doctor would approve for my intolerances.

Well... Actually. Not everything I got would be approved by her...

Really now, people. Are you even shocked?


  1. I'm a random surfer from the internet - Phoenix AZ actually, completely fascinated by TT. All the best.

  2. Trader Joe's is bomb. Get some granola going on, you'll be glad you did :)

  3. PKS... I am from Phoenix originally. Where do you practice?

  4. Oh my word I love Cheez-It's. I probably just ate half a box last week while I was sick. Best. Comfort. Food. Ever.
    Seriously, sometimes you need the comforting to help get you through. I am neither shocked nor do I blame you for that decision Heather! :)

  5. LOL. I love your 4 boxes of Cheez-Its. Are you and Chrissy roommates????

  6. Hi Missus :) I practice at the BY Tempe studio usually, unless I'm doing 530am classes, in which case its the BY Institute in Scottsdale (south scottsdale by old town)

    - Prasad

  7. Cool, Prasad. I need to hit that studio sometime.

    Dancing J, I am glad you approve of my Cheez-its.

    Lizzy, Chrissy and I both got our own rooms. We decided to splurge.