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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shooting For Every Syllable.


I am working on cleaning up the first few postures this week, now that I finally have some time to sit and think about them. (Work was insane up until this week.) I have Half Moon down... But...

I keep leaving out words. Little ones.

It's mostly just small words... Like using "you are" instead of "you're" or using "the" instead of "your." It may seem small... But it is annoying to me. I want to know every. Single. Syllable.

I know at this point I will probably only have Half Moon with Hands to Feet, Awkward and Eagle down pat before I go in three weeks. But I will have read through the full dialogue hundreds of times. I know bits and pieces of everything. But verbatim? I only will (probably) know just the first three postures that way.


  1. Same situation over here. No matter how many times I say the postures, I can't get those little things right. Swapping "the" for "your" is my biggest issue. I also regularly say "are" instead of "should." I've given up the battle. Ultimately as long as I can move bodies in and out of postures, I'll be fine. I've got to let go of my perfectionist tendencies on this one.

  2. Great perspective there. Yes. I need to let go of my need to be perfect with the dialogue.

  3. do you know how strict they are about swapping little words in the dialogue? do they expect verbatim even on things like "the" vs. "your" and "are" vs. "should"? as someone who will eventually, in the future, be going to TT, i'm curious! :)

  4. I bet you gonna be fine!!!
    It's hard to practice without knowing how it's going to work, but I'm sure we'll spend more time to practice each and every posture's dialogue, once at TT, then we dream of right now (in a good way). So in the end you will be able to indulge in perfectionism !!! ;-)

  5. I graduated from TT in the fall of 08 and went back to Vegas this spring to volunteer in posture clinics. I have never heard anyone called out for using "the" vs. "your". That's getting mired in the insignificant details. So, my advice would be that you should focus more on emphasizing bolded words, saying the dialogue like you mean it and not just reciting, etc. Perfectionists can't see the forest for the trees. Leave the ego and the perfectionism at home when you go to training. I speak from experience here, as a recovering perfectionist! Training is a stressful enough endeavor without this self-imposed form of torture! Just relax, breathe, do your best you'll be fine!

  6. That is the same problem I've been having! Carol, thanks for the reassuring post, it's a huge relief!

  7. Thanks so much Carol! People have been shoving the whole, "YOU MUST SAY IT VERBATIM!" down my throat.

  8. There's verbatim, and then there's verbatim. If anyone tells you that the little things like that are vitally important, I would (very sweetly) ask them to recite their verbatim triangle dialogue for you, so you can see how it's done. And check them as they go. They'll never give you bullshit again.

    Anyway, go back and re-read my post about preparing for training, and apply it to this situation. I refuse to keep repeating myself. (That's what I already do all day long, and they don't listen to me either! HA!! Just kidding.) You are already over-prepared, trust me.