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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Through The Standing Series Is The Toughest Part.

My mind, as you may know, has been all over the place these past few weeks. And the "monkey mind" seeps into my practice... And as a result, causes me to have a crap-tastic class.

I so mentally exhausted that every time a "party time" (aka "water break") comes in class, I carelessly grasp for my 40 ounce Klean Kanteen filled with cold relief. Which then causes me to have acid reflux throughout the class, as the water slushing around in my belly makes things difficult.

So in this afternoon's class, I made a concrete ("lampost, you have no knee") decision. I decided I was not going to take any water break until I got to the floor series. And you know what I discovered?

Like with learning the dialogue, it is best to just get through the Standing Series... And then things will be easier in the Floor Series.

I drank after Toe Stand, right before Savasana. And then again in Supta Vajrasana (Fixed Firm). Then right before Final Savasana. And I had the best class I've had since - I kid you not - I finished the Bikram 101 Challenge.

Not throwing water in me right before Standing Head to Knee made the pose much easier. I only fell out once on each side. My Standing Bow was AWESOME today. And the spine strengthening series was amazing. I stayed in every single time.

This gave me a great opportunity to get some serious form guidance from my teacher today... As she was able to accurately see what I was doing and how I could tweak things.

So from here on out... I am going to be much cleaner and efficient with water. I've given way too much up to my monkey mind and started to get sloppy.


  1. I stopped drinking water during class a few months ago and my practice couldn't be stronger. It's tough mentally when you see everyone swigging away, but you're so glad you didn't drink when you see them all doubled over with nausea.

  2. Great post - as background I practice everyday and advanced twice a week - I love the yoga and I'm competing in the Texas championship in September - I recently went on a two week vacation and when I came back - I had some serious struggles in class - and here is what I did to get my mind right - I asked myself - why do I do yoga ??? Because it is fun and love how it feels and I'm getting healthier and better in all aspects of my life - so why do I have such a bad look on my face -??? It cracked me up thinking how seriously I was taking yoga - LMAO - so I just looked myself in the mirror and put a smile on my face - and since then my whole attitude has changed and I have had some of my strongest classes ever - just remember it is all good - sounds super corny but I just decided to relax and chill - still working hard but smiling makes a big difference -

  3. I, too, stopped taking water during class 5 months ago (and counting). I can get into and enjoy the benefits of savasana RIGHT AWAY without being sidetracked by drinking water. Whenever I feel tired or lightheaded, I just focus on my breathing. After class, it's a real PARTY TIME for me! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I really enjoy reading your posts!

  4. I couldn´t agree more. Drinking water takes away so much energy that you may as well put into developing a posture. I quit the first "party-time" some 5 months ago, because I didn´t feel good in head to knee, i could harldy suck my stomach in, plus i couldn´t focus and almost always fell out. Now, when I do the whole standing series without any water, I wonder how I could ever drink before. My practice is so much better.
    I do take a few sips before the floor series though and then before fixed firm, but my goal is to eliminate water entirely.
    I don´t think we need water in class - it´s all a mental game. Tough though!