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Friday, August 27, 2010

"Your" Leaning Against the Wall.

Just reviewing Awkward pose... And now have a question.

Can "leaning" ever be a thing? Instead of a verb?

I guess it can be, as in "leanings." As in, "I have leanings towards vegetarianism from time to time."

So, when it is used as a noun, it is okay to say "Your leaning is towards vegetarianism." But in this instance, "You're leaning towards vegetarianism" (as a verb) would be correct too.

But I am slightly thrown off by how it is used in a sentence of the dialogue... "Your leaning against the wall."

Shouldn't it be "You're leaning against the wall"?

Or am I getting too far into trying to understand each and every syllable in the dialogue that I am missing the point?


  1. OMG you're losing your mind. THAT is a typo. There are 4 typos in the dialogue that I am aware of. People WILL try to justify them as "supposed to be there" but that is retarded. A typo is a typo.

  2. Yes! A typo indeed! What a great attempt to try to make sense of it beyond what it actually is.

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  4. I had to laugh at you putting it so frankly, dancingj! It's so funny to me how some teachers will defend the typos, noting how important they are to the dialogue! Such as Fixed Firm when the dialogue says, "Bring your arms over over the head". I heard a teacher say that if you say both overs the people will work harder to put their arms over over their heads! And personally, I have never said, "Go up much more higher everybody" in Locust because, it's just plain bad grammar.

  5. Bahaha.

    I have friends who will say "over over" when I take their classes JUST to piss me off. That drives me bats! Somebody actually asked Bikram about that typo at my training, and he was all like, "WTF are you talking about?" I do say "Go up much more higher, everybody," but I've changed the punctuation: "Go up much more! Higher, everybody!"

  6. @thedancingj Oh I like how you switched up the punctuation:"Go up much more! Higher, everybody!"

    Brilliant! Definitely going to do this!

  7. LOVE the fact you are a word nerd.

    So excited for you lady!