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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Whole 194 "Standing Head to Knee" Poses "Lucky."

I am lucky. I will not try to deny it.

When I hinted in January of this year, at work, that I was thinking about going to teacher training this Fall, my boss mentioned that a leave of absence was a rare thing.

I was in the first month of my Bikram 101 challenge, and I was finding myself randomly pushing my hips forward (towards the mirror) while standing in line for coffee during the work day. I would hear bits of the dialogue echoing through my ears while researching things for clients. The idea of finally attending teacher training was becoming more and more difficult to evade.

So by late February I made a decision. NOT going to teacher training was not an option for me. I wanted to go. I had already put it off once. I was not going to do it again.

So I said to my boss, "I have decided to go to teacher training in the Fall. I hope you'll have me back when I am finished. But I completely understand if I have to look for a new job when I come back. Either way, I wanted to make sure I gave you enough notice."

And to my surprise, he was happy to have a discussion with me about taking the time off. But back then, it seemed like Fall training was a long ways off. Way off. In the distance.

It was a whole seven months away.

It was. And now, it's a mere 27 days till I hop on a flight.


And you know what? I only have 18 working days left.


Panic is now starting to set into my brain. Why? I feel like I have so much to do before then. New business to pitch. Contracts to put together. Duties to delegate. Egos to manage so that my boss won't see how poorly I run my team while I gone by having to deal with them himself.

Here's to busting my ass like crazy over the next few weeks, before I go. Yes, I am letting the guilt of taking the time off get to me.

But, I will have a whole nine weeks to let it pass. I mean, my mind will be preoccupied with other things. Like the (at minimum) 194 Standing-Head-to-Knee poses I will be doing.

After that many, I better finally have a fucking supreme Standing-Head-to-Knee.


  1. Oh MAN, I remember this phase like it was yesterday. When I committed to going to training (because not going was NOT an option anymore), it was like 6 months away. And then suddenly, it was 3 weeks away!!! Isn't that nuts? I'm psyched for you. Don't panic!! :)

    BTW, standing head to knee is the ONE posture that I feel like I TOTALLY improved at during teacher training. So, you know, that's nice.

  2. I'm so on the same page with you!!! Had my major 'nerv-day' last week but think I got a grip on it over the weekend....
    Good part about the TT coming closer: we'll finally meet in person!!!!

  3. Phew! Glad to hear that I am not the only one panicking here.

  4. Oh gosh, time flies hey! I am a bit jealous but also very keen to read all about your TT experience as I still have to wait 12 months before I get to go...