Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 9: DONE!

Hallelujah! It is done and over with! Apologies that it took so long for me to get around to doing this update... Things have been crazy. But here you go!


  1. Awesome Heather. Every semester I bookmark all the TT blogs. There is always one that stands out above the rest and this time it was yours. I appreciate all the extra time you have taken to document your journey and I look forward to any more advice you have regarding TT. Although I can't think of any questions I have at the moment, I'm sure that I will have some as I get closer to Spring training.

    Brian Keith

  2. Yay! Thanks Brian. So kind of you!

  3. AMAZING!!!

    Now I may just plot a trip to Canada / USA just to have you mercilessly murder me

  4. heather,
    you look great, refreshed and happy.
    i think you would be great as a visiting teacher so i wouldn't rule that out.
    hope your teaching is going well.

  5. thanks heather for sharing your experience of TT with us....soooo nice to follow you and your blogs...been fun...we currently have a teacher visiting and teaching at our studio from USA...Luke Miles?? know of him? he is great...funny guy...anyway if u ever get chance to come over to sydney Australia def come by our studio:)
    thanks once again and HAVE A VERY MERRY XMAS AND GREAT FUN/EXCITING NEW YEAR and enjoy being a teacher......
    OHHHH YES I HAVE A hot is it suppose to be in the rooms?
    I dont just mean degress(i do celcius) i mean the humidity? as we have had classes were its been 85%humidity and 38C...DAM i died in that class and so did rest of i just wanted to know what bikram says about temps?


  6. Hi Kylie... Humidity shouldn't be more than 45%. The temperature of the room should be about 40 degrees C.

    Bikram actually doesn't go into much detail about the temperature... Or much of anything that is useful, to be honest. (That's one thing I would tell people about going to TT... His lectures aren't going to prepare you to be a teacher. They are useful to understand his history.)

  7. geeez our class really did cop it that day!!! we have 1 or 2 teachers who like it hardcore as they learnt that way(which are teachers i love and do classes) but at moment when its humid outside(which sydney weather right now is)it is blooody hard to do it and i cant breathe properly and i dont like to take a knee down to much as i feel disrepectable to the teacher(that is just how i brought up)...yeh interestin u say that about bikram as a few others have said that in there blog too:( which is a shame and I personally found that with his wife at her last seminar she did over here this year..I find that disspointing. anyways thanks for answering my question and being honest too....


  8. I like your blogging process! It has been great to get to know you a little bit through these videos. They are inspirational and help keep us students focused... if you can do doubles for 9 weeks in a row- then i can go to at least a couple of classes every week. Thank you so much for sharing and if I visit Toronto, you better believe I will be stalking your class :)

  9. Congrats on your first class! And welcome back to reality. I CANNOT believe you went back to work the Monday you got back. I had a very hard time getting back 2-1/2 weeks later... so kudos to you and your ability to deal with that transition so easily! Best of luck with everything... teaching gets better and better every time!

  10. Hi Heather. I am grateful that you posted this final video. I hope you will do more. Also, as a marketing person I would really appreciate a video blog on on-line marketing tips or strategies. You have a strong and appealing and credible delivery. I would guess you would have a good following. Best Regards, Karleen.

  11. I just want to know what Bikram said or did that got everyone so riled up on their blogs. It was a Friday class towards the end of TT....just wondering.

  12. LOL!

    I won't say specifics. I will say, though, that the thing with Bikram is that he likes to challenge people mentally and "steal their peace." As to whether he truly means what he says when he tries to get under your skin, I lean towards "no."

    I don't like the method. But it is a part of training and one people should be prepared to go through if they choose to go to training.

  13. It is now 2013 & I will be 60yrs old by the time I attend Teacher Training-2014 hopefully. Your blog is the best I have come across & you are such a beautiful & articulate person. Thank you so much for all the insight I have gained, my apprehension has diminished greatly. A very, very big THANK YOU.