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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Learned Dialogue?

I know. I know. I haven't posted my Week 9 update. That's because I haven't done it yet. I decided I wanted to wait until after I teach my first class on Thursday morning.

And I am totally freaked out about that.

I truly and sincerely (no fucking shit) can NOT remember the dialogue. At all. All I can recall are the order of each pose, and the Sanskrit name. But the dialogue? Nothing but Sit-Up and Savasana are in my brain. I have been up tonight studying. And I will study tomorrow when I can... But holy shit... My first class won't contain much dialogue. My brain is too full.

It's funny... I look at the words for the dialogue now, and I wonder, "Did I actually recite this in posture clinic? Did I actually do a good job on it, like everyone has told me I did? Because I don't ever recall saying these words."

That's the thing about training and posture clinic... The dialogue truly is only in your short-term memory. People keep telling me, "You'll be fine! The words will flow out of your mouth like diarrhea."

But I think my brain is constipated. Badly.

We'll see what happens in class on Thursday AM... I apologize in advance for the shitastic class, if you attend. But I promise to work hard to get better.


  1. GOOD others have told you I sure once your in the room on the podium(if u have one) that you will be fine and if not...who cares just do best with what you got....cant wait to hear how it went

  2. Have fun. Above all else, have fun and you'll be fine! :) Plus you can enjoy watching OTHERS kill themselves for 90 minutes instead of being the one working super hard :) Good luck!!

  3. You'l do fine!!! Did my first on Tuesday evening. Forgot a LOT of dialogue due to nerves, but just kept going and spewing words that sounded good. It all came out well and no one died. They actually liked the class. :)

    Be confident, because BYTT Fall 2010 Grads have all the confidence in the world in YOU!

  4. Remember you do have the knowledge, you went to teacher training and your students have not (most of them probably anyway). Even if you have a little trouble getting the words out, you ARE capable. Sending your good thoughts!

  5. if you can you must. isn't that a bikramism? have been following your blog. five stars girl. hope your first class is inspiring! can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Thanks everyone. It won't be a dialogue class... But I'll be damned if I don't smile the entire time and end it on time.

  7. The one thing I didn't have was the name of the postures and knowing that I'd struggle I brought in a cheat sheet with me, with the names in English and Sanskrit. I referred to it constantly. A couple things I forgot were bouncing in 3rd part awkward, half second backbend after standing head to knee, and the water break before fixed firm pose. Also wasn't sure what to say after Triangle and a few of the other separate leg stretching postures. So I just said change. Feedback was to say, put your hands over your head, arms down side, feet together. Just a few tips to pass along in case it's helpful. Best of luck tomorrow!

  8. I will hopefully get around to video-blogging about it later tonight.