Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

A Yogini's Journey to Become a Bikram Yoga Teacher...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oh thank you Sweet Baby Jesus on Christmas morning! This show is almost over!!!

We just have...
  • 4 more yoga classes
  • 3 more evening lectures
  • 2 afternoon lectures
  • 1 graduation ceremony
And tomorrow my husband will be arriving! SQUEE! It's been NINE WEEKS since I saw him last. I can't believe how long it's been!

I have loved this experience. But I am ready to get back to the cold city of Toronto.


  1. I think Hump Day will be falling on a Thursday for you this week, with your husband in town and all!


  2. LOL! I will be far too tired to do any hanky panky until at least Friday or Saturday. I have a feeling Boss will keep us up late Thursday night (tonight).

  3. Congratulations!!!! So close, so very, very close to being DONE.

  4. God DAMN, I couldn't stop thinking about you guys this morning! I am so excited for you. I remember those last days SO vividly, feels like it all just happened last week. The end is so bittersweet. I've never been so elated and so heartbroken at the same time... Hope you're having a GREAT time right now!

  5. CONGRATS TO YOU FOR FINISHING!!!!!!!!!! ITS sat afternoon here in sydney AUST so therefore you guys are done:) U MUST BE SOOOO EXCITED.....congrats congrats congrats....and cant wait to read your last BKTT post before your new journey of being part time yogi teacher begins:)
    GOOD ON YOU......