Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Three, Moving Fast!

Week three started today. And we are moving fast.


Bikram is out of town for the next two weeks, which means we won't be having late-night lectures and movies. In place, though, we will be going full force with anatomy lessons (with tests) AND doing at least (I imagine) six postures...
  • Awkward
  • Eagle
  • Standing Head to Knee
  • Standing Bow
  • Balancing Stick
  • Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee

I know Awkward, all three parts. Eagle is in my brain too. But the rest? Uh... Umm... Uh... Yeah. I will be staying up late to get those stuck in my head.

My goal for tonight is to get Eagle verbatim. I will do Awkward tomorrow, and hopefully Eagle by Thursday at the latest. As soon as I deliver Awkward, I will also get Standing Head to Knee in my head verbatim.

Once Eagle is delivered, I'll add Standing Bow.

Once Standing Head to Knee is delivered, I'll add Balancing Stick... And so on.

The goal for the next two weeks is to stay two postures ahead. But once the fifth week hits, that will all change. I will need to be at least three postures ahead, as we could conceivably have to deliver three postures in one day.


Okay. Time to stop writing and start studying. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck, good lucky, lady!!! I'm sure you're kicking ass and taking names out there. :)

  2. One thing that helped me when trying to memorize something lengthy in pieces, is before you move on to the next "piece" (or in this case for you, the next posture) is try to say all the pieces you learned before from memory. Then move on and try to memorize... that way you continue to reinforce all of those "old" postures into long term memory. :)
    PS- Way to go Heather!I love watching your video blogs!

  3. My goodness. Week 3 already! It's going by fast, and I'm not even there! :)
    Good luck with the studying and I love your video updates!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. Head-to-Knee has been intimidating me. Time to get the hell over myself and charge ahead. You rule, Missus!

  5. Wishing you all the luck in the world !!