Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

A Yogini's Journey to Become a Bikram Yoga Teacher...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week Five: Still Alive!

I am so out of it!

Look how tired I am in the video??? We had a lot of late nights. And I completely forgot to mention in the video that Juliana (The Dancing J) came and visited us this week! (Thanks for everything J!!!)



  1. wow halfway already:) very good...
    couple of questions..did bikram tell you why he keeps u up late with those videos? is it about testing your mental abilities to cope with anything? or is it to be annoying:) LOL
    also what is your routine there? what time you get up and how much free time inbetween(if any).
    Keep up the great work...You seem to be a very positive person and coping very well over there..congrats
    till next week--over and out from Australia

  2. Congrats on your BKTT so far! You mentioned to ask questions, so here goes.. (even if it's not about your BKTT but just about Bikram!) I've been dying to try a Bikram class and wonder if it's something someone should do with NO EXPERIENCE IN ANY FORM OF YOGA at all! We have a studio that just opened on the Cape (where I live) and they have a special at $100 for a week of classes which seems really amazing - but is that an indication that the studio might be crap?

    You're an inspiration and I really enjoy reading your posts on On Common Ground (for years...) and hearing about your training here!


  3. Hi Heather. Thanks for answering my question. That's good to know if your struggling with dialogue they help you get through. Keep up the great work, good luck & stay strong, Kat.

  4. Okay you may look a little tired, but your skin looks amazing! :)

  5. When you were describing the whole class bending over to go into Pada- Hastasana, I totally thought you were going to say something about a bodily function. Ha!

    I love your videos, they make Bikram Yoga so much more accessible and present. What I love more is that you do them every week!

    Question for you: Joints- do they hurt? How is it possible to not to have an overuse injury practicing yoga 180 minutes a day?

  6. Thanks guys! And thanks for the questions. Will definitely be answering them in this week's video!!!

  7. Hey there!! Congrats on your progress so far in teacher training! I am so happy that I found your blog today and look forward to your future posts on your adventure :) I do have a question for you... has anyone quit yet?