Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2010

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weak 6: All Posture Clinic. All The Time.

This week's update!


  1. Firstly you look very pretty today-your glowing:)- thanks once again and thanks for answering my question - also thats interesting what they say about back probs or pain means your going to move forward and become either more flex or stronger...interesting...
    Glad u had good week - good luck for this week and c u online next week....

  2. Heather, Thank you so much for all your insights.
    Hope the next week goes by smoothly for you!

  3. Thank you for answering my question! If joint pains mean that I am on the verge of breakthrough.. I am a happy camper *pain within reason of course!! Congratulations on your first teaching assignment! It is really cool to follow you through teacher training. Thank you for sharing.. seriously.. soo awesome! Have a great week!

  4. Hi there,
    I have a question: When u do the 1st backward bend is the result that you have your arms on your ears(like half moon) as we just had a visit from World champ Esak garcia and he said it so it makes me wonder how? and since you have been doing it step by step that you would know:)

  5. Heather, I just can't believe how quickly time is flying by... can you see the finish line now?!

    @ Kylie: Not necessarily. There's nothing in the dialogue that says the arms are with the ears for the backbend. Eventually, if you have very flexible upper back and shoulders, your arms MIGHT get as far back as the ears (which is great!) but don't worry if they're not there yet. Just drop your head back (all the way), then get your arms as far back as you can. As long as you're working in the right direction, you're getting 100% benefits.

  6. @thedancingj....thankyou very much as i did wonder how the hell i was going to get my bicepts(sorry spelt wrong) onto my ears and yep doing all the other stuff correct - ok cool so one practice at a time and one day I will get there..thanks:)