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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Wanted To Do Another 30-Day...

Really. I did. I wanted to do another 30-day challenge before I go to training in mid-September. And while there are a great number of days between now and then which would make a 30-day challenge possible, my schedule doesn't seem to want to accommodate it.

What's preventing me?

  • Work. I have a shit-ton of things to take care of prior to leaving for two months. Work is being amazingly wonderful about me stepping away for two months. So I intend to make sure I have things in great shape before I leave.
  • Husband. I really, truly don't want to leave him for two months. But I have to. And I am doing my best to make sure I spend time with him before I go. And this means taking a trip with him to visit friends in August, even though I don't have the time to do even that.
Those are pretty much the only things. Doesn't seem like much... But the work thing is really the biggest factor. With me gone, it could mean there are two months without any solid new business pitching going on. So any new business I can bring in before I go would be really super cool.

I am following a strict 5-day a week practice between now and the time I go. And I do intend to pull some doubles as well. The back-to-back kind.


  1. You are doing good, girl. These are two solid reasons, and let me tell you you do have an a.m.a.z.i.n.g job if they let you go for that time! I know of some people who had to quit...(pretty risky, but, well, their choice)
    A 5-day practice spiced up with a few doubles will sure keep you in shape for TT! :) And you can torture yourself there then!
    Plus Husband is Husband, need to be taken care of before you leave him to turn the house upside

  2. That's almost better, dude. The month before teacher training should be strictly "TAKE IT EASY HONEY." No need to kill yourself now. You already know the practice, you already know that you can do doubles... what your body needs the most is some REST before the marathon begins!! Once you're in it, you'll just do it. I slacked like crazy before TT and it worked great. :)