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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Bikinis On Top..."

I've told this story many times... It wasn't until I had been practicing Bikram for two and a half years, and finished two 30-day challenges, that I was comfortable switching from long yoga pants to shorts.


And I only switched because I was finally at the point where I NEEDED to see my knees locking out in certain poses. I needed the visual. So yoga shorts became my standard after that. But I never went with the popular Shakti yoga shorts - the really short ones - that many Bikram yoginis would wear. I went with long-ish Lululemon yoga shorts... Which cover everything, but definitely begin to sag after the first few postures from all the sweat.

I constantly have to tug at them to keep them up on me.

Well, now it is time, I have decided, to get some more appropriate shorts. Especially since BKTT is about six weeks away. So last week I ordered five pairs of Shakti fold-over string shorts...

And three bikini tops.

They arrived yesterday, and the shorts are great. They actually cover everything, despite my fear that they wouldn't. I don't know why I was so afraid to try them. But the bikini tops??? I am so not comfortable wearing those yet.

I normally wear sweat-wicking tanks from Lululemon. I have six pairs of the exact same one, just in different colors. But I thought maybe this would be the time to switch to bikini tops. So I ordered three large tops, thinking they could hold my "goods in the hood."

I was wrong.

I tried them on... And I just can NOT imagine me being able to move around in them without something popping out. It feels like the support just isn't there.

In reality, I think it is just going to take me a few classes to get used to the idea of baring my belly and having a different kind of support. I will wear them at training... Probably. But like with the pants-to-shorts thing... It's going to take some time for me to ease into it.


  1. I have two of the Shakti tops, and they definitely feel unsupportive/skimpy/sketchy when they are dry. However, when they are sweaty, mine stay put just fine. When in doubt, you can always wet the top before class, wring it out, then wear it. Class starts a little cooler that way, if only for a minute or two. :)

  2. It just occurred to me that wet tops could be stored in the fridge in a ziploc bag, too, but that might be taking things a step too far!

  3. I have one Shakti top, which I've never worn in public. It's not very flattering on me, as I'm small on top. Lululemon is a better option for tops. But Shakti definitely on the bottom. I have two pairs of the fold over shorts, which are super cute. And about 10 pairs of the side string shorts, which are even cuter. You'll have to pick up some of those at BKTT. Shakti will be on site for our shopping pleasure.

  4. I love this post. It took me a full year to wear anything other than capris and a fully supportive black top. But honestly, seeing your stomach makes you more aware of when to tighten that belly or makes you aware of when you're not...
    I've gone with the Mika tops... And I've always been fuller busted, everything always stays in!

  5. way to go on the shorts! i agree with Chrissy D. about Shakti; i've had bad luck with the tops, but love the side string shorts! (p.s. i've heard that Shakti is designed by a woman with breast implants... breast implants don't move the way real breasts do. hence, the "not being held in properly" feeling tends to happen to us all-natural girls who don't have perma-perky fake boobs. idk if there's any truth to that rumor though.) and i agree with ellelove about seeing your stomach... changed my practice!

  6. love your new costumes! ( ; i recently purchased the Shakti vest top. i love their side string shorts too!