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Monday, July 19, 2010

"I Feel Like Crying."

I took a newbie to class tonight. She was once a competitive dancer, and now works in digital marketing with me. So she has plenty of stress (like me) and needs a way to get it out of her system at the end of the day.

So last week she came to me and asked, "Do you mind if I tag along to yoga with you one night after work?"

Of course I was thrilled that she wanted to come! I think I have convinced a few people in my time to give Bikram a try. Some have onky tried it once and never come back. Others practice as regularly as they can since the first day. But I am always ecstatic when someone wants to give it a try.

Tonight's newbie was amazing. She stayed in the room the whole time. She had proper yoga etiquette. She tried to get back in and do the poses when she could. She was definitely overwhelmed at times... But we all are!

We wouldn't be doing the yoga correctly if we didn't occasionally get overwhelmed at times. Shit, I get overwhelmed with Standing-Head-to-Knee. Something about shoving my leg into my chest just to get at my foot... It gets me every time. And I want to vomit. And my heart starts pounding really, really ridiculously fast. But some poses make me want to have another reaction. One I only in the past year began having. But the newbie had it tonight on her first class....

"I feel like crying," she told me after class.

I got excited for her. I told her, "This is what is supposed to happen! You are releasing emotions! This is good!"

I don't know if she believed me. But I see crying for now reason as a good thing. Usually happens to me in Poorna-Salabasana or Ustrasana. (Trying to get used to the Sanskrit names.) But crying means something is coming out that needs to. I see it as a greeat thing. And to have experienced it in the first class you ever take???



  1. Congrats to the newbie!:) People at my work think I´m simply plain crazy to "excercise in a sauna" because "it´s not good for your body"...oh, well, no have energy to argue with
    In Poorna S. I feel like vomiting, in Ustrasana I don´t know whetheer to laugh or cry, and in Bushangasana I want to kill the teachers (ok, not really) when they say to "release the tension and all your wrinkles", bec I still don´t know how to di it....btw DO YOU? when my neck is flat on the mat, my forhead just gets soo wrinkled...:)

  2. LOL! People, I imagine, definitely have a stressed look on their face in Cobra pose... Probably is very amusing for the teachers. I focus all the "tension" into squeezing my ass cheeks really hard to help my back muscles lift my upper body off of the floor and back.

  3. I'm still a Bikram beginner, started my first class last month, but I love it! I've been doing yoga at 24 Hour Fitness for a year and I thought I'd "step it up" with Bikram. I'm loving it. Your tips for beginners on your other blog helped big time! My boyfriend decided to come with me to class last night, his first, my fifth, poor guy, he left towards the end, right before the seated twist (still try to remember the names!). It was fun (in a sadist way?) to watch him go through his first class because it got me all nostalgic thinking about how much I suffered the first time. Each time I go, classes seem to feel shorter.

  4. I am so glad my tips were helpful!!!!

    Ardha Matsyendrasana... The spinal twist pose.