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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going Over... Oops!

About a month and a half into teaching now. Have about 18 classes under my belt, and things are going well. I feel very comfortable up on the podium... And I have seen students come back to my class, which to me is a sign that they like my class.

The only thing I will say that I really need to work on is still the timing in my class. I started off with accurate timing. Things ended on time. But now, with the cold weather, classes are starting late and I am ending late.

See, students arriving just seconds before class starts. And I like to give them five minutes to get into the room. Then, once everyone gets into the room, I spend another minute talking and explaining things to the newbies. So, we tend to start almost eight minutes late. Then I go about three minutes over in teaching the actual class.

So class ends up running 111 minutes.

Not bad. But once classes stop being so crazy, and the weather doesn't prevent people from getting here on time, hopefully the timing will be tightened up naturally.

The woes of being a new teacher!


  1. awesome:) good on u for u still teaching and working a full time job:) its lucky for you guys overseas USA mostly - not sure about where u live as lot more bikram studios...whereas over here in sydney there are only 4 so the new teachers dont have alot of opportunties to have so much work:( which sad. congrats to you

  2. I go over in every class, except my 630am classes. I'm always able to start those right on time and need to give very little corrections since the students who practice at that time are all superstars. Lately I've even finished those classes two minutes early!

    All other classes go over by 5 to 10 minutes. No one has ever complained.

  3. your blog has helped me prepare for teacher training this spring (67 more days!) and now your posts are getting me ready for the excitement of actually teaching. thank you for sharing your positive energy to help out those who are on the path!

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  6. That is definitely not too bad Heather. Especially if there is not a class right after yours that you have to be out for. I bet with time you will perfect your timing as an instructor. I remember when I was first learning how I tried to do everything perfectly. Didn't work out and I still love teaching.

    George Puzo |

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  8. If I could go back and tell myself ONE thing before I taught my first class, it would be that you don't always have to say the ENTIRE set-up EVERY time. Here are the two miracle words: "Same Position." As in, "grab your left foot behind you, same position." This is what saves you from going through the whole "bring your right hand out, palm facing up, elbow touching the body... bring your hand to the right... don't turn your hand..." for EVERY single set of standing bow. Unless there are lots of beginners, people will basically have the right idea by the 4th time!
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